The Department of Law is one amongst the four departments established in the year 2019 to set new benchmark of excellence in higher legal education in India. The object is to pursue steady steps towards excellence.

  • The University logo describes “Knowledge makes one humble” and legal education makes socially conscientious human beings.
  • To achieve the vision by fostering the rule of law and the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of India;
  • The vision of the department is to make legally conscious society, by providing quality legal education that is professionally competent and socially relevant so as to realize the constitutional primordial goal of social, economic and political justice. To produce law post graduates who will inspire and lead to strive for excellence in profession as well as in academics. Undertake and promote research activities in the emerging areas of law and justice. This new department fosters a proud tradition of CUK academic excellence with students taking up various activities to expand their horizons of knowledge, faculty members devoted to interdisciplinary teaching, research and creative activities. The department creates learning opportunities through innovative classroom activities, workshops, seminars and invited lectures on a regular and continued basis and also visiting chambers of Advocates, Court, and other similar institutions. Further, it undertakes legal aid activities and legal literacy camps as a part of regular curriculum activity.
  • Masters in Law course aims at developing an understanding of the discipline of criminal justice system with skill based education. An important goal of this course is to facilitate an understanding of criminal legal jurisprudence. The course intends to enable students in developing skills and competencies required in profession, teaching and research. Hence this syllabus is created keeping in mind with the changing nature of the legal concepts, criminalization and deviant behavior, advancement of technology and its impact, reforms in procedural law and notions of punishment.
  • A two- year standalone Master’s degree programme in Law is offered under the Department of Law following the ‘choice-based credit system’ with an integrated-interdisciplinary approach.
  • The unique feature of this curriculum is that each core paper is integrated with theoretical views and exercise. The learning is mediated through class room facilitations, virtual classroom learning modalities, case analysis, visiting Court and Advocates chamber, correctional institutions, internship, etc.,. Knowledge acquisition procedures are monitored through lecture, participatory and cooperative learning, and simulation techniques. The learning processes are facilitated by experienced faculty and experts drawn from various academic institutions of repute.
  • In addition to the prescribed curriculum, students will be given ample opportunities to enhance their personal and professional competencies holistically through active participation in seminars, workshops, conferences, and contributions through the journal, book, and Legal aid activities. Facilities will be provided to students to undergo professional development program andcareer guidance.
Courses Offered:

  Program   Duration   Intake  
Law (LLM) 4 Semesters 10

At the end of the LL.M. course, the students will be able to:

  • Do legal research
  • Understand, interpret and apply law
  • Evaluate and compare domestic and international laws
  • Design and formulate case theory and strategy
  • Analyses and differentiate facts and law
  • Solve problems by employing legal reasoning, research
  • Choose ethical practice in the profession of law and discharge their social responsibility.
  • Dr. Romate John
  • Professor & Dean
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Dr. Anant D. Chinchure
  • Dr. Anant D. Chinchure
  • Assistant Professor
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Dr. Basavaraj M Kubakaddi
  • Dr. Basavaraj M Kubakaddi
  • Assistant Professor
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Dept. of Law