Department of Social Work, in pursuit of the vision and mission of the university, offers academic programs to equip students with proficiency in interdisciplinary knowledge systems of social, economic, behavioural, environmental, law, human rights, gender, political and technology in order to promote social development The Department is committed to craft enabling environment for the students to undertake initiatives to empower and develop strengths and resilience in the individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.

      The evidence-based, action and intervention oriented practices are established through - teaching-learning process, field-based learning and internships that guide the students to act as social change agents and social justice. The comprehensive understanding of macro system knowledge framework, along with the understanding of contextual and ground-realities, the integration of which enable the students to effectively initiate change and development at the micro level. The unique features of the Department are participatory and sustainable development practices, capacity building trainings for students, macro-micro research initiatives, transfer of technology, social innovation and social entrepreneurship, which are rightly integrated to generate a cadre of competent social workers.

      The curriculum of BSW, MSW and PhD courses bring strong and effective integration in teaching, training, learning, practice, research, publication and dissemination components of social work education. The courses are so designed to provide intensive learning opportunities to the students, undertake study tour and international internships in SAARC countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Pakistan and also other countries like China. The global social work and transnational social work framework empower the students to think globally and act locally. The Department offers specializations so as to craft specialists and professional leaders in the fields of each specialization.

Social Work Practicum

      Department of Social Work has adopted Kadaganchi, Suntanur and Pattan the three Grama Panchayats of Aland Taluka; and Tarafile and Hanuman Tanda the urban communities of Kalaburagi city. Community intervention initiatives are taken up on social issues through the students. The theme is ‘social innovation for social change’. Students continuously visit the villages and urban communities on every Friday and at times on Saturdays to work with groups in the communities. The community intervention issues are –

  • Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities
  • Skill development of Self Help Groups
  • Health interventions for elderly persons
  • Enhancing Self-esteem of school children
  • Improving study habits of school children
  • Skill development of adolescent Groups
  • Sanitation campaign
Courses Offered:

  Program   Duration   Intake  
MSW 4 semesters 30
PhD Social Work 6 semesters -

About the Programs :

Dual Degree Social Work (BSW & MSW)

       Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W) is a professional program at under graduate level. Its curriculum consists of theory as well as practical components. Theory courses are structured to provide basic understanding of society, social problems, human behaviour, political and economic systems along with understanding of history, philosophy, values, principles, concepts, methods and techniques of Social Work practice.

MSW Specializations:

  • Social Development (SD)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Medical and Psychiatric Social Work (MPSW)
  • Family and Child Welfare (FCW)
  • Criminal Justice and Correctional Administration

Internship program:

       The MSW students at Semester - II undergo internship in NGOs and organizations working for empowerment and development of communities. After Sem.- III, the students undergo block placement in their respective specialization through placement in- industries, social movements, organizations, hospitals and correctional institutions working in different parts of India. Students may be placed in SAARC and other countries for internship programme. Our students have worked with Medha Patkar and Aruna Roy, the eminent social leaders of India, as part of their internship.

Study Tour and Academic Exchange Programme

       During IV Semester, the students are taken for study tour to visit industries, organizations, hospitals and correctional institutions in different parts of India and neighboring countries. Academic exchange and faculty collaboration is underway with the Nepal School of Social Work, Kathmandu.

PhD Social Work

       The PhD Program offered by the Department of Social Work prepares the students to emerge as specialists in social work research. The PhD program framework is designed in such a way to equip research scholars to embark upon intervention research, participatory research, policy research, programme evaluation research and international social work research. Research is encouraged in every field and specialization of social work. The research ambience is maintained and sustained through academic practices. A student acquires expert-level knowledge in one’s chosen area within Social Work, acquires research methodological skills, introduces intervention programmes, possess policy and development understanding and are exposed to international and global situation to contribute to original research.

       The thrust areas of research in the Department are: Social Development, Social Transformation, Intervention & Action Research, Gender, Environment, Social innovation, Social entrepreneurship, Technology, Social change, Child protection, Women empowerment, Psycho-social Intervention with Families and Children, Rural and Urban Governance & development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social exclusion, Human Resource Management and labour welfare, Criminology, Social defence, International Social Work etc.

       The Doctoral programme consists of two semester coursework broadly covering ideological, theoretical, methodological, development and international and action basis framework for research practice.

  • Prof. Channaveer R. M.
  • Professor, HOD & Dean
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Dr.Lakshmana G
  • Dr. Lakshmana G
  • Assistant Professor
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To bring out professional approach to human service delivery system.

To contribute knowledge and experiences to enrich the existing knowledge bank with an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach.

To enrich the human resources through research, training and varieties of knowledge dissemination processes, to address various current psycho- social and developmental issues prevailing in the society.

To develop in-depth knowledge and skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Departmental Activities:

Two Day Workshop on "Child Rights" on 21-22nd February 2019.

National Level Conference On Bridging the Inter-Generational Gap: Challenges and Opportunities in the Neo-Liberal Economy

Micro-Planning Training for MSW Students, Nov.1st to 4th 2018

Workshop on Panchayat Raj for MSW Students, Date:27 & 28 Oct.2018

Program Details for Faculty Development Program for Social Work Teachers from 14th to 20th March 2018

Karnataka State Level Workshop of Farmers on "Rural Infrastructure, Sanitation and Social Issues of Farming Community"scheduled on 2nd & 3rd March 2018

Department of Social Work has adopted Kadaganchi, Suntanur, and Pattan Villages; and Indiranagar, Tarafile and Pancha Sheel nagar, urban communities of Kalaburagi city for field work practice and community engagement. Community intervention initiatives are taken up on social issues through the students. The theme is ‘social innovation and entrepreneurship for social change’. MSW Sem.- I & II students continuously visit the villages and urban communities on every Friday and at timeson Saturdays to work with the individuals, families, groups and organizations in the communities. The Department has introduced community intervention initiatives from the academic year 2013, as parts of that social issue are identified and social work response through intervention strategies are introduced in the communities. The activities conducted are -

  • Life Skill Development of School Children
  • Life Skill Development of Adolescent Girls
  • Life Skill Development of Excluded children
  • In total, life skill development of 200 children and adolescents was achieved.

Trainings organized for MSW students:
SI.No. Resource Person Lecture or Workshop Date
01 Prof. Shekar,
NIMHANS, Bengaluru
“Nano Aspects in Components of Social Case Work” 06-08-2014
02 Prof.Ashok Sarkar,
Department of Social Work
Sriniketan, West Bengal.
“Social Work and Social Development”  
03 Mr. Abdul Shafee, UNICEF Consultant, Kalaburagi “World Toilet Day”  
04 Mr. Abdul Shafee, UNICEF Consultant, Kalaburagi “Glabal Hand Washing Day” 15-10-2014
05 Prof. Ghandi Doss “Programme Evaluation & Policy Research”  

Mr. Jagadish Nayak
HR Executive, Bengaluru.

Workshop on “Competency Mapping” 16-10-2014
07 Dr. Routh manorama
“World Social Work Day”
Gender Equality and Development Agenda
Trainings/ Workshops organized and participated/ Study Tour/ Rural Camp:
  • Dr. Channaveer R.M. organized Life Skills Development for Community Practice for the MSW students in Nov. 2014.
  • Dr. Channaveer R.M. organized Intervention research workshop for the MSW students in Sept. 2014.
  • Dr. Lakshmana G. directed the Rural Camp in Pattan Village, Kalaburagi in No.v 2014.
  • Dr. Jilly John organized and coordinated hand wash day observation at Tharfil area, Gulbarga.
  • Dr. Jilly John organized and coordinated Women empowerment programme at Tharfil
  • Dr. Jilly John organized and coordinated World Social Work Day on March 17 at Central University of Karnataka.
  • Dr. Jilly John Coordinated Three days Workshop on Qualitative Research Methodology for the PhD students of SS&BS by Dr. Raam Gambheer.
  • Dr. Jilly John organized children’s day celebrations at Ram Nagar urban community, Gulbarga as part of her Major Research Project.
  • Dr. Jilly John organized an awareness programme on child mental health at Govt. school, Honnakirnagi, Gulbarga.
  • Dr. Lakshamana G Co-ordinated field work/placement for MSW II years (Medical & Psychiatric specialization) students during the third and fourth semester.
  • Dr. Lakshamana G Co-ordinated three day workshops on “Multivariate statistics for social work” from 5th to 8th October 2014. Dr. Lal Das was the resource person.
  • Mr.Sudeep Convened a Workshop on “Competency Mapping” by Mr. Jagadish Nayak, HR Executive, Banglore, on 16-10-14
  • Dr. Lakshmana G, organized Two day capacity building workshop on “suicide prevention” was organized for MSW students at Central University of Karnataka on 24th and 25th April 2015. Resource person Dr. K.S. Meena from NIMHANS, Bangalore.
  • Dr. Lakshmana G, Reviewer of ‘British Journal of Social Work’ & ‘Biomed Research International’
  • Dr. Lakshmana G, Participated in the regional consultative workshop on Psychosocial care for children in difficult circumstances, held from 8th to 10th April 2015 at the Department of Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS, Bangalore
  • Dr. Lakshmana G, Participated in the personality development training programme on 25th April 2015 held at the Department of Social Work, Central University of Karnataka, Gulbarga.
  • Dr. Lakshmana G, Participated in the workshop on “solution focused counselling” on 13th and 14th February 2015, organized by the Department of Psychology, SSBS, CUK.
  • Dr. Lakshmana G, Participated in the workshop on “qualitative research application in social science” conducted by the department of Social Work, CUK, from 14-11-2014 to 16-11-2014.
Micro-Planning - Social Work Camp in Pattan Village

Social Work Camp is part of social work practicum. As part of Camp, Micro-Planning was conducted in Pattan village in Nov, 2014. The theme of Micro-planning was ‘Life Skill Development of Rural Children’.

Community Education Programmes:

Community education programmes were conducted in the evening to engage the community members to sensitize on various social issues. Collaboration with different district agencies like District Health Office, District Hospital, Department of Kannada and Culture and Dept. of Agriculture were done for the community education programmes.

Study Tour to Bhutan and Bangladesh:

As part of study tour, the MSW students 2014-15 batch has visited the organizations in Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Organizations visited in Bhutan are:
  • 1. SNV Bhutan Country Office
  • 2. Disabled Persons Association Bhutan (DPAB)
  • 3. Loden Foundation
  • 4. Ability Bhutan Society
  • 5. The Bhutan – Canada Foundation
  • 6. Draktsho Vocational Training Centre.
Organizations visited in Bangladesh are:
  • 1. Policy Research Centre
  • 2. Grameen Bank
  • 3. Mohd. Yunus Centre
  • 4. Dhaka University, Institute of Social Welfare and Research
  • 5. SOS Children’s Village
  • 6. National Institute of mental Health
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  • 11. Divya K. ‘Girl child and Access to Education: Gendered Educational Disparities in India’ going to publish in an edited book titled Problems of Girl Child: Need for Sensitization and Support’ (ISBN No.978-81-8387-717-6).
Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Symposia / Talks:
Dr. Channaveer R.M.

  • 1. (Co-Author), Building sustainable development in Asia – A Social Work Approach, 11th NAPSIPAG, International Conference, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dec. 2014.
  • 2. (Co-Author), Paradigm shift in social work education, UGC sponsored national seminar on new trends in social work profession and practice: Opportunities and challenges, Mahatma Gandhi University, Telangana, Feb 24th 2015.
  • 3. (Co-Author), Women in social work curriculum, 2nd International conference and doctoral colloquium on Transformative social science research: Discipline, collaboration and think tank, Hyderabad, March 3-4, 2-15.
  • 4. (Co-Author), Poverty reduction in India: Review of programmes in place and social work approach, 4th International Conference on Promoting social justice and empowerment : Addressing local and global challenges, BPHES-CSRD Institute of Social Work and Research, Ahemadnagar, Feb. 19-21, 2015.
  • 5. Poster Presentation on ‘Community intervention: Innovations in learning practice, International conference on community empowerment, coping, resilience and hope, Hyderabad, Dec. 2014.
Dr. Jilly John
  • 1. Presented research paper titled " A comparative study on the parent’s awareness on mental health problems of children in Kerala and Karnataka" in the International Social Work Conference ‘Public Health Infrastructure in Transition: Challenges and A Way Forward”, February 18th -20th, 2015, organized by the Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamia (A Central University), New Delhi and School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA.
  • 2. Presented a paper on “A comparative study on the parent’s awareness on mental health problems of children in Kerala and Karnataka" in the International Social Work Conference ‘Public Health Infrastructure in Transition: Challenges and A Way Forward”, from February 18th -20th, 2015, organized by the Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamia (A Central University), New Delhi and School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA.
Mr. Sudeep
  • 1. Participated in South Regional Conference on Gen- Y HR Technologies, Aspirations & challenges organized by NIPM North Karnataka Chapter on February 12 to 13, 2015.
Dr. Lakshamana G
  • 1. Presented paper titled Child protection - Risk and protective factors for substance use among street children International Conference on “Community Empowerment, Coping, Resilience and Hope" held on December 14 to 16, 2014 at HyderabadCentre for action research and people’s development and The Brisbane institute of Strength based practice.
  • 2. Presented paper titled Self-Esteem among Substance using and Non-using Street Children National Conference on ‘Social Exclusion: Perspectives and Challenges’ held at Pune, Maharashtra on 24th and 25th March 2015 Tilak Maharashtra Vidya Peeth, Pune.
  • 3. Resource person for District round table conference on child labour issues in Gulbarga held on 12/1/2015 and delivered a lecture on Substance use among out of school adolescents.