Evaluation & Grading System

        The University follows a semester system. Each programme comprises a certain number of courses that carry a specific number of credits. The credit system implies that students are evaluated not by a year-end or end-semester examination alone, but throughout the duration of the course.

        Credit corresponds to the number of hours that a course requires in terms of not only the quantum of teaching/instruction hours but other contact hours too that include tutorials, term papers/ written assignments, practical work, and seminars/presentations. One credit translates into 15 contact hours per semester. Thus a four-credit course necessitates that the student invests 60 hours of learning on the course inclusive of written assignments and seminars.

        The process of continuous assessment translates the student performance into marks, which is converted into a percentage range that corresponds to a 10 point grade scale, which in turn is represented as letter grade. The process helps the standardisation of inevitable variations at the levels of student performance and teacher evaluation across different universities.

        Internal Assessment (IA) is assigned 40 marks and the End Semester (ES) examination 60 marks. The 10 point relative scale of grade used for the purpose of evaluation is illustrated in the table given. The lowest passing grade is B and a candidate has to secure a minimum total of 40 marks in each course to secure a Pass in that course. A candidate who does not obtain 40 marks for IA and ES exam together shall be deemed to have failed in that course.

2015 batch onwards

Letter Grade Grade Point
O(Outstanding) 10
A+(Excellent) 9
A(Very Good) 8
B+(Good) 7
B(Above Average) 6
C(Average) 5
P(Pass) 4
F(Fail) 0
Ab(Absent) 0

The GPA (Grade Point Average) is recorded at the end of each semester.

The CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is awarded to the student upon completion of the program.

Conversion of Percentage of Marks to Grade points (Upto 2014 batch)

        The percentage of marks obtained by a student in a course will be indicated by a grade point and a letter grade. A Six (6) point scale as used for the evaluation of the performance of the student as given below:

Marks Grade Points Letter Grade
75 - 100 5.50 - 6.00 0
65 - 74 4.50 - 5.49 A+
60 - 64 4.00 - 4.49 A
55 - 59 3.50 - 3.99 B+
41 - 54 3.00 - 3.49 B
0 - 40 0.00 - 2.99 F