Academic Features

       The University is aware of its being a 21st century institution beginning in an India that is fast emerging as a global hub of skilled and trained manpower. It is thus necessary that new universities take an active and synergetic role in evolving as socially conscious beacons of knowledge by constantly innovating and updating knowledge and information.

       The CUK keenly identifies with these thoughts and will strive to be a path-breaker in its academic endeavours both in terms of the content and quality of teaching with the following salient academic features:

  •    All courses offered on choice based system
  •    Courses inter and multi-disciplinary in content
  •    School of Study system
  •    Holistic undergraduate experience
  •    Courses planned on credit basis
  •    Semester system
  •    Continuous internal assessment
  •    Relevant and up to date syllabus
  •    Academic freedom to students to choose and design their course of study by picking up components of allied,
          elective, supportive courses apart from their Core Course of study.
  •    Courses have inbuilt component of developing students in a holistic way (English communication, personality
          development, computer training)
  •    Students sent to academic tours to national / reputed institutions in their field of study for interaction / exposure
          in country at university cost
  •    Academic collaborations being planned with international universities