Computer Centre

The Computer Centre caters to the needs of different academic departments and various sections of the University. The mission of Computer Center at CUK is to create and maintain IT environment for the pursuit of academic excellence. The ultimate aim of the centre is to provide services to promote and assist the use of new computing technologies among the students, staff and administration. Computer Centre manages various computing and IT based communication facilities throughout the campus. Computer Centre with adequate number of desktop systems is available for independent study and learning with support from technical staff.

Special features of Computer Centre

  • 1 GBPS leased line internet connection provided under the National Knowledge Network (NKN)
  • Online admission application form and maintained database for the First Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET) being organized by CUK.
  • Arrangements have been carried out for the welcome speech delivered by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of CUK during first online address of the Hon’ble President of India to all the students and faculty members of all central universities/IITs/NITs/IIMs through Video Conferencing.
  • Live webcast on website and through A-view of the 2nd Convocation of the University presided over by Hon’ble President of India, Shri. Pranab Mukherjee.
  • Network Management System providing authorized access to the network and internet resources to all CUK research scholars, students and staff.
  • Facilitate to conduct virtual classes through video conferencing there by enabling the classes to be conducted from a distant geographical location.
  • In house designing, development and maintenance of the CUK website.
  • Provides technical support and assistance to students, faculty, and staff. Analyses problems and implements solutions, performs network and server administrator duties, assures system stability, accessibility, and proper configuration of assigned technical systems and components.
  • Performs computer trouble-shooting to diagnose system problems; analyses hardware and software functionality; identifies, locates, resolves and repairs problems within scope of authority.
  • Monitors domain environment, resolves configuration and connectivity issues, and other traffic, security, and access problems; checks network for operating efficiency, makes corrective adjustments to data management settings, and assures system integrity; sets up and repairs network hardware.
  • Provides Wi-Fi Connection to various departments in the Campus.
  • Maintains the Firewall to provide network security, user creation, setting up policies to user groups in view of attaining optimum utilization of the available bandwidth.
  • Maintenance of EPABX intercom services, IP based phones, provided through PRI Lines.
  • Organizes weekly discussion sessions on A-View software with eminent scholars for students and faculties.
  • Provides technical support to the seminars/conferences/special lectures of various schools/departments.