Health Care Facility

       The health care of all the students, faculty members and non-teaching staff of the University is ensured by a regular senior doctor and a lady doctor available on the campus with supporting staff of lab technician and nurse. Facilities like In-patient ward (02); IV drip facility, blood test, urine test, and blood pressure test are available. For emergency services, there is a 24x7 ambulance facility available on the campus.

  • The Health Centre provides comprehensive primary and emergency medical services.
  • It provides OPD services to all staff and students in the CUK Campus.
  • The total dependent population for the health centre include students, employees and their authorised dependents, retired employees and their dependents and the others people like ex-students, servant quarters residents, sanitary staff, security staff, housekeeping staff, various project staff, data entry operators and so many other temporary staff etc. working in the University.
  • Most of the medicines required for outpatient treatment are dispensed at health centre itself.
  • It has a computerised clinical Laboratory which is used for routine and special investigations.
  • Health Centre has 2 emergency beds for day care facilities
  • It has 24 hours of Ambulance Service for emergency services for outside referrals.
  • All the students are covered under students Medical Care Scheme.
  • The Health Centre is well equipped to undertake emergency clinical investigations and offers outpatient care as well as provides in-patient treatment also.
  • The following Contractual Health Centre Staff:
  • Name Contact Number
    Dr. A.A. Tashkentkar 9481536150
    Dr. Jyoti S Tegnoor 9900403444
    Mrs. Teena Kurian
    Nursing Staff
    Mr. Amresh Kumar D Ramgol
    Nursing Staff
    Sanjaiya M Kalimar
    Laboratory Staff
    Md. Naseer
    Smt. Shantabai
    Mr. Parameshwar Waggi
    Ambulance Driver

    The Health Centre is committed in promoting the health and wellness of the campus community by providing high-quality prevention, education and treatment services. The medical counselling and health promotion services are designed to help to stay healthy or get better so that one can minimise disruptions caused by injury and illness. The Health Centre aims to enhance the health care experience of the University Campus community by providing with healthcare with respect consideration and confidentiality.