Chemistry is the domain of Natural Sciences dealing with the science and technology of all living and non-living things on the earth. Its impact is spread over all human activities and industrial advances in the world. The motto of the Department is to explore various facets of the Chemistry, investigate new horizon and impart the knowledge to young students. Department of Chemistry is running a 4 semester (2 yrs) M.Sc. programme in Chemistry from the academic year 2014-15. The course is designed to prepare scientists having a thorough knowledge of fundamentals as well as recent advances in modern chemistry. The students will be exposed to new emerging areas of research such as biological chemistry and materials science. The training provided over two years would enable the students to be in a better position to qualify in the national level tests such as UGC-CSIR fellowships, GATE and state level tests (SLET or SET) in Chemistry. Department has established a state of the art laboratory with capacity for 56 students to work at a time. The Chemistry laboratory is well equipped with proper ventilation, safety measures and necessary equipments. A major feature of the M.Sc. program is the dissertation project that each student has to carry out in the fourth semester on topics of current research interest. The experience gained in the project work would prepare the students with adequate skills and knowledge to take up a career in research or enter industry. The Program includes visits to various industries, training on Laboratory safety issues and personality development to transform the students into innovative scientists. Please, visit department following department website for more information.

Courses Offered:

  Program   Duration   Intake  
M.Sc. Chemistry 4 semesters 30
PhD Chemistry 6 semesters -
  • Prof. G. R. Naik
  • Dean
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Assit Prof
  • Dr. K. Hanumae Gowd
  • Assistant Professor
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Assist Prof
  • Dr. N. S. Venkata Narayanan
  • Assistant Professor
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Dr.Harish Holla
  • Dr. Harish Holla
  • Assistant Professor
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Dr. P Duraippandi
  • Dr. P Duraippandi
  • Assistant Professor
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Departmental Activities:

  • Organized Invited lecture by Dr. Arvind Chinchure, Chair Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurships, Symbiosis International University, Pune on National Science Day Celebration.
Guest Lecture session by
  • Prof. K. K. Balasubramanian, FNA: (Former Director, R & D, Shasun Industries, Chennai & Former Prof. IIT, Madras) on Organic Chemistry.
  • Dr. M.R.R. Prasad, Retd. Scientist from ISRO, Trivandrum on Chemistry in Space.


  • Harish Holla; Solving the Supply of Resveratrol Tetramers from Papua New Guinean Rainforest Anisoptera Species That Inhibit Bacterial Type III Secretion Systems; Rohan A. Davis, Karren D. Beattie, Min Xu, Xinzhou Yang, Sheng Yin, Harish Holla, Peter C. Healy, Melissa Sykes, Todd Shelper, Vicky M. Avery, Mikael Elofsson, Charlotta Sundin, Ronald J. Quinn* J. Nat. Prod. (12), 77, 2633 (2014).
  • Konkallu Hanumae Gowd; Beedessee G, Ramanjooloo A, Tiscornia I, Cresteil T, Raghothama S, Arya D, Rao S, Gowd KH, Bollati-Fogolin M, Marie DE (2014) Evaluation of hexane and ethyl acetate extracts of the sponge Jaspis diastra collected from Mauritius Waters on HeLa cells. J Pharm Pharmacol. 66:1317-27.
  • N.S. Venkata Narayanan; Nickel phosphide: the effect of phosphorus content on hydrogen evolution activity and corrosion resistance in acidic medium” in J. Mater. Chem. A, 2014, 2, 17435-17445
  • Chinthalapalli Srinivas; Rotation-Induced Recovery and Bleaching in Magnetic Resonance. Perez-Linde, A. J.; Chinthalapalli, S.; Carnevale, D.; Bodenhausen, G. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2015, 17, 6415.
  • Chinthalapalli Srinivas; Lifetimes of Long-Lived States in homogeneous magnetic fields. Singh, M.; Chinthalapalli, S.; Bodenhausen, G. Chem. Phys. Lett. 2015, 623, 113.

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Symposia / Talks:

Dr. Chandrasekhar B.S
  • Selection Committee Meeting -Innovation & Entrepreneur Leaders at Symbiosis International University, Pune, Sept 5-6, 2014.
  • Sustainable Energy Workshop - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Nov 7-8, 2014.
  • Research Project Meeting- Poorna Pragna Institute for Scientific Research, Bangalore, Dec 30, 2014.
  • South zone Vice-Chancellor's Conference- as CUK representative at VIT University, Vellore, Jan 2-3, 2015.
  • Science & Philosophy Workshop- National Institute for Advance Studies (NIAS), Feb 23-26, 2015.
Dr. Konkallu Hanumae Gowd
  • Panchada Ch V Govindu and Konkallu Hanumae Gowd, ‘Intra-disulfide’ peptide natural products: miniature models to study protein reaction, ISBOC-10 conference held from 11th Jan 2015 to 15th Jan 2015 held at IISER pune, India.
  • Attended Karnataka State Biofuel Development Board (KSBDB) organized two days conference on 26th and 27th March 2015 at NIAS, IISc, Bengaluru.
Dr. N.S. Venkata Narayanan
  • Delivered invited talk “Unconventional Catalyst for alternate energy devices”at Vivekananda College (Autonomous), Madurai. University Grants Commission (UGC) sponsored conference 20th Modern Trends in Chemistry’ held at Thiruvedagam West, Madurai between 30 - 31 January 2015.
  • Conference presentation at 2nd Hydrogen and Fuel Cell SUPERGEN Researcher Conference at University of Birmingham, UK, from 15th-17th December, 2014. Title: “New palladium phosphide catalysts for fuel cells based on a simple conversion process” K. Fahy, B. K. Kakati, V. N Naranammalpuram-Sundaram & A. R. J. Kucernak

Students Activities:

  • IAS-INSA-NAS summer research fellows:
  • Ms. Priyanka Chakraberty 2014, “Structural diversity through cysteine pattern and disulfide folds in peptides”.
  • Mr. Angshu Dutta 2014, “Insights on Limited Exploration of Disulphide Structural Space by Animal Toxin”.
Dept. of Chemistry
  • M.Sc.Chemistry Syllabus