School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dean: Dr. Romate John

       The School of Social and Behavioural Sciences is distinguished by excellence and innovation in teaching, research, and extension services addressing the existing challenges of our societies be they social, economic, political, health-related or environmental in nature. This School presently comprises of the departments of Psychology, History, and Social Work. The School is committed to shape efficient professionals, leaders, and socially responsible individuals who can effectively join hands and work with diverse populations, technically innovative work environments, and serve as responsible citizens of the nation and the global community. The School offers prime importance to acquire, apply, and dispense knowledge that contributes to the best growth, progress, and well-being of individuals, families, and the community at large. The academic programmes offered by the School deliver sound preparation for a variety of careers that entail an extensive understanding of human behaviour, social institutions, world cultures, quality of life, and social justice. Each discipline has its own faculty, space and resources that bequeath an environment for excellence and share a common vision based on the principle of holistic development.